Alerts in Oracle Apps

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Oracle EBS / Oracle Apps Alerts and Work Flows

What are Oracle Alerts?
A: Oracle Alerts monitor your Database information and notify you when the condition that you have specified is found. You can define Alerts in any Oracle application or custom Oracle application. Some applications (Purchasing, for example) supply Alerts that Can simply be activated and used. There are two type of Alerts, Event and Periodic.

Event Based Alerts : These Alerts are fired/triggered based on some change in data in the database.

Ex: If u want to notify your manager when you create an item in the inventory you can use event based alerts. When you create an item in the inventory it will cretae a new record in mtl_system_items_b, here inserting a record in the table is an event so when ever a new record is inserted it will send the alert.In same alert you can also send the information related to that particular item

Periodic Alerts : These Alerts are triggered hourly,daily, weekly, monthly or yearly based on your input.

Ex: If you want to know list of items created on that day at the end of day you can use periodic alerts repeating periodically by single day.This alert is not based on any chages to database.this alert will notify you everyday regardless of data exists or not that means even if no items are created you wil get a blank notification.

Q: What types of actions can be generated when an Alert is triggered?
A: When an alert is triggered or the event is true, the alert can Email a Message, Submit a concurrent program request, Run a SQL statement Script or Run an operating system script.

Q: Can I build an Alert to run with my custom applications or tables?
A: Event or Periodic Alerts can work with any custom application, as long as the application is properly registered within the Oracle Applications package.

Q:  Which Email packages work with Alerts?
A: Oracle Alert is designed to work with Oracle Office, Oracle Interoffice, UNIX Send mail, and VMS Mail.

Q:  Can Alerts be triggered by other Tools? (i.e. other than Oracle Forms and concurrent programs)
A: Oracle Alerts can only be triggered from an application that has been registered in Oracle Applications. Alerts cannot be triggered via SQL updates or deletes to an Alert activated trigger.

Q:  What is Response Processing?
A: Response processing is a component of Alerts which allows the recipients of an alert to reply with a message and have the applications take some action based on the response. Response Processing only works with Oracle Mail Products.

Q:  Do I need Oracle Applications to use Alerts?
Answer——No. The following are the only components required to use Oracle Alerts. The components must be certified versions for your hardware platform and operating system.

– ORACLE MAIL product (i.e. Oracle Office or InterOffice

Q: How to create an Alert?


1.Study your Business requirement and decide what type of alert you need either periodic alert or event based alert.
2. If you are going for periodic alert decide the frequency.
3. If you have chosen event based alert then find out on what event(insert,update) you want to fire the alert.
4. Decide what data need to be included in the alert.
5. Based on the data you want in the alert write a SELECT SQL statement to pull the data.
6. Create a distribution list grouping all the people to whom you want to send the alert.

Creating and Testing a Event Alert in Oracle EBS / Apps

In following example I will create an Alert which will send email to  specific email ID when ever any body update or create new employee in Employee Master.

Defining an Alert :

1.  Responsibility  –> Alert Manager.

2.  Naviate to the Alerts Window.

Alert –> Define

3.  Define a Period Alert:

Application = Human Resources

Name =  xxscc_test1

Enable = Selected.

4.    Event

Application  = Human Resources


5.   Enter the following SQL statement.

select employee_number

into &emp_numfrom

per_all_people_f where rowid=:rowid



6. Verify, to check whether the syntax written is correct.

7. Save

8. Define Alert Actions:

Action Name :  send_email_notification


8. Define Action Details:

Click on Action Details Button

TO :   Give you email ID here.      Note : You can also put here also bind variable with &email if that taken in select statement.

Subject :  Give Subject of you Email.

Text :  hello this is test email &emp_num

9- Define Action Sets

Click on Action Sets Button.

Action Set Name =  Send Email Test

Go to Action Set Details –> Members.

Action =  send_email_notification  as shown bellow.

10- Define Operating Unit

Click on Alert Details Button from first Alert Window.

Navigate to Installation Tab.

Operating Unit = <Your Operating Unit> for me  it is  FS_OU


11- Save.

Now if you Update or Create New Employee you will received notification in given email ID.





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  1. enjing

    thank faisal about your post in alert manager.this is very useful..for me

  2. faisal

    Welcome. Thanks for visiting and posting commnets.

  3. suresh

    Create a sample Alert report to know the concurrent program ran for each applications in a Instance. Frequency of the alert run should be very day once at end of the business day.

    Field to be shown on the reports are
    Report Header
    Application Name No of concurrent Prg Ran

    Application Object Library 200
    Order Management 50

    Create a sample Alert report which will fire every hour to tell how many concurrent program has been erred out.

    Field to be shown on the reports are
    Report Header
    Request id Program Name Parameter Requestor
    3457896 XXFE_F359_Subscription Picking 0,123,online SYSADMIN
    3478956 XXFE Dial Up Upgrade Report 12-MAR-2012,Summary XTF2136

    please explain with step by step process iam new to this.

    mail me with screen shots at

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    Excellent Information on Oracle alerts.
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  6. sayantan chakraborty it possible to make an alert which will give an information about database health which must be executed on critical time of server?
    2.can we send output of a shell script by oracle alert EBS R12?
    3.can we send blob in oracle alert?

  7. Lekha

    After Updating the table i did nt receive any mail

  8. Leku

    After Updating the table i did nt receive any mail…. Can U Plz help me… thanks in Advance :)

  9. faisal

    Please check your Alert Manager services Up or down. probably DBA’s have to check.

  10. Leku

    hi i did a alert to fire when a new order s created, i did as above, and created a new order but i didnt receive any mail….. is there anything i have to do ?

  11. Sundeep

    Oracle to sent out a email alert to PO Requestor, when the invoice validated is placed on system hold

  12. vinay

    Hi i also tried with above steps but unable to recieve any email after table updation

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