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How to Refer or validate Oracle DFF based on other segments /Segments that depend on another field

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I have requirement to auto populate Oracle DFF segment value based other segment. As per bellow setup screenshot we have populated Employee’s Name in Segment11  based on employee number which is in Segment10 select GLOBAL_NAME from PER_ALL_PEOPLE_F Where EMPLOYEE_NUMBER = :$FLEX$.Employee_Number and sysdate between EFFECTIVE_START_DATE AND EFFECTIVE_END_DATE —————————-Further references————————————- There are few ways to make […]

Configuring / Creating Descriptive Flexfield

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Descriptive FlexField: In this post I am going to Answer following Questions. But the Major topic is regarding Configuring  a DFF in Oracle Apps / EBS . Q: How to Create / Configure  Descriptive Flexfield. Q: How to configure Descriptive flexfield for Purchase Order Header. Q: What is DFF where is it over the Form. […]