What are RICE Components

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 Oracle Apps / EBS  RICE Components

 What are RICE Components

The acronym, RICE, stands for Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, and Enhancements (or Extensions).
During a Oracle Applications implementation, additional configuration, design, or programming requirements are necessary to satisfy functional requirements and achieve the desired functionality. The objective during any implementation would be to keep new object development to an absolute minimum. 

RICE objects represent requirements not currently supported within the core functionality of an Oracle Application Module being implemented and thus require additional technical development to satisfy the functional requirement of a organization.

During an Implementation development of RICE components involves:

1. Creation of Reports that are not available as standard reports in the oracle apps modules.
2. Creation of the Interfaces to external systems.
3. Creation of Conversion programs to transfer data from a legacy system to the new system.
4. Enhancements (or extensions) to the existing system to add additional functionality to existing system without disturbing the core software functionality of the system.

A RICE object has a lifecycle throughout the project that includes approval to develop, functional design specification, technical design specification, coding, testing and implementation. The effort required to complete this development cycle can be significant.

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    Hi Faisal, First of all nice information. please increase font size. and put some ppt s for more detail.

  2. Kunal

    Hi Faisal,

    Could you please provide more details with examples for each i.e Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, and Enhancements (or Extensions)


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    @ Kunal, I ll try to enhance this post.

  4. Easwari

    i am wondering is there any training class available for oracle rice developer?

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  6. ravi

    give me more explanation about rice componets

  7. ravi

    give me more explanation about rice componets with examples

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