Approvals Management Responsibilities and Setups in AME

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Approvals Management Responsibilities and Setups in AME.B   Document Overview The purpose of this White Paper is to discuss the new procedure for assigning the Approvals Management responsibilities to individual users. The process has completely changed with AME.B. The responsibilities are no longer just attached to the FND_USER record in the base application. Audience  This document is […]


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Sometimes when debugging formulae it is convenient to isolate the formula and run it separately. It can also be useful to analyze the PL/SQL code that is generated when a formula is compiled. This section discusses these topics. Calling Formula from PL/SQL Sometimes when debugging formulae it is convenient to isolate the formula and run it separately. This can […]


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Oracle HRMS for Saudi Arabia This document provides a guide to the Oracle HRMS patch 3221427, and discusses the new HRMS features delivered with the patch. New features include: Electronic File Transfer (EFT) payment file (Magnetic Tape process) Creation of Seed Data for Balance Dimensions, Balance Feeds, Element Classification (Primary and Secondary), Elements and Formula […]

How to restrict the absence type list of values in Oracle Self-Service Human Resources.

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Q: How to restrict the absence type list of values in Oracle Self-Service Human Resources. Q: Steps to restrict Absence Types in Oracle SSHR. Solution: Oracle Self-Service HR enables users to apply for absences. When applying for an absence, users enter the absence date or time, absence type, absence status, and absence reason. The absence […]

Formula Results Rules- Indirect type does not showing the element

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I have faced following glitch while passing indirect Value to one of information Element. Case: I have setup two elements “Basic Salary” and “House Rent Allowence”. I have created one FF formula “EAI Basic Salary” to calcuate the Basic Salary and House Rent allowence and returning salary and HRA in the FF. Navigated to Formula Results and […]


Oracle University Self-Study courses

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Oracle Database 11g Oracle Database 11g: Performance Tuning Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop I Oracle Database 11g: SQL and PL/SQL New Features Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I Oracle Database 11g: PL/SQL Fundamentals Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals II Oracle Database 11g: SQL Tuning Oracle Database 11g: RAC Administration MySQL for Database Administrators (Melbourne in […]

R12.x Oracle HRMS Learning Management Fundamentals

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This course offers a complete introduction to the implementation and use of Oracle Learning Management. Participants familiarize themselves with what decisions they must make before they implement, then learn how to perform implementation tasks such as setting up flexfields, content and conference servers, establishing catalog and content structures, and configuring options such as automatic wait […]

Oracle SSHR Absence Transactions, Selfservice transactions – where did my data go?

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When Oracle build Selfservice they treated it as a new front-end of the system. To be able to use the standard API’s (Application Program Interfaces) they invented a series of new tables. In these tables the data is stored until everyone in the workflow has approved the new data. These tables are called transaction tables […]

Query to get Absence Detail Employee wise

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Query to get Absence Detail Employee wise. Approved Absence details. SELECT papf.EMPLOYEE_NUMBER,papf.FULL_NAME,pat.NAME absence_type, paa.date_start leave_start_date, paa.date_end leave_end_date, paa.absence_days, paa.abs_information_category, paa.abs_information2, paa.abs_information3,paa.abs_information4 FROM per_absence_attendances paa, per_absence_attendance_types pat, per_all_people_f papf WHERE paa.absence_attendance_type_id = pat.absence_attendance_type_id AND papf.person_id = paa.person_id AND TRUNC (paa.date_start) BETWEEN TRUNC(papf.effective_start_date) AND TRUNC (papf.effective_end_date) AND papf.EMPLOYEE_NUMBER=nvl(:p_employee_number,papf.EMPLOYEE_NUMBER) order by papf.EMPLOYEE_NUMBER,paa.date_start

ora ff

Oracle Apps, How to Clear/Delete cache of Oracle EBS R12

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Oracle Apps, How to Clear/Delete cache of Oracle EBS R12 Step1: Select Functional Administrator responsibility – then choose Home as per bellow screen shot.     Step2:Choose the Core Services Tab – then the Caching Framework Sub-Menu (In the dark blue region). – Proceed to choose ‘Global Configuration’ from the left hand side menu that appears – […]

Error: “Recalculate Salary from the Components before applying the new salary proposal” while updating / Deleting Salary

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If you are facing following Error: “Recalculate Salary from the Components before applying the new salary proposal”  while updating or deleting of salary of any employee. The solution could be following. Ans: This issue is might be caused by data corruption (caused by loading salaries through api). Records in per_pay_proposals exists that have multiple_components = ‘Y’ […]

How to Send Notification in Worklist of User through PL-SQL

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Q: How to send HTML Based Notification by a mere PL/SQL Call? Q: Oracle EBS/APPS how to send Email and Workflow notification? You can use any existing workflow and send notification by using wf_notification.send Just you need to set the attributes of workflow message that you want to send. Below is the example: 1) Start Oracle […]

Customizing Forms in Oracle HRMS

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We get the requirements for restricting access and fuctionalites in form which is normally done either by formspersonalization or custom.pll or standard form modification In HRMS quite often i have seen the restrictions like create applicant ,create placment ,create employement functionalities to certain responsibilities…For these forms there is no need to do forms personalization …because […]

Uploading Data to Batch Element Entries using API

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  Oracle Payroll: Example to Upload Data in Batch Element Entries Using API.  PAY_BATCH_ELEMENT_ENTRY_API Following are the API’s to create BEE Headers and Lines. 1. To Create Batch Header DECLARE l_batch_id                NUMBER := NULL; l_object_version_number   NUMBER := NULL; BEGIN pay_batch_element_entry_api.create_batch_header ( p_session_date            => TRUNC (SYSDATE), p_batch_name              => <<BATCH_NAME>>, p_business_group_id       => <<Business_Group_ID>>, p_action_if_exists        => ‘I’, p_batch_id                […]

Oracle HR/Payroll Creating Extra Information Flexfield and API to upload Data

Extra Person Information (EIT) Upload API — Procedure

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Following Procedure used for uploading data in Extra Person Information.   1) Create a EIT using System Administrator Responsibility. Application>>Flexfield>>Descriptive>>Segments Create as per following snapshot.   2)  Create Following Staging Table and upload data as required.  CREATE TABLE APPS.XX_Passport_TBL ( EMP_NUMBER VARCHAR2(200 BYTE), PASSPORT_NUMBER VARCHAR2(200 BYTE), PROFESSION VARCHAR2(200 BYTE), ISSUE_DATE_G VARCHAR2(200 BYTE), EXP_DATE_G VARCHAR2(200 BYTE), […]

BI Publisher Rtf Issue

BI Publisher OPP Service failed for XML/Rtf in Oracle Apps Warning Message

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Q: I am using Microsoft Office 2013. I can see the BI Publisher at the end when I open Microsoft Word. But when I run Concurrent Program, its giving warning message with following details. “Beginning post-processing of request 45182885 on node EBSPROD at 17-APR-2013 08:32:04. Post-processing of request 45182885 failed at 17-APR-2013 08:32:09 with the […]

Oracle6i Forms/Reports Builder Cannot Connect To Any Database (ORA-12222) TNS No Such Protocol adaptor …..

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Applies to: Oracle Net Services – Version: to Microsoft Windows 2000 Microsoft Windows XP Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Symptoms – Problem Statement: Oracle Forms6i Builder: on Microsoft Windows XP. Server: Oracle10g R2 ( When trying to connect to any database instance using Oracle6i Forms displays the following error: ORA-12222: TNS:No such protocol […]

API with Example to Update Basic Salary

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API with Example to Update Basic Salary. CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE APPS.xxdm_basic_sal_proc ( errbuf OUT VARCHAR2, retcode OUT VARCHAR2, p_emp_no IN VARCHAR2 ) IS p_business_group_id NUMBER := 81; —- XXDM_BASIC_SAL –> Initial Load table —- XXDM_BASIC_SAL_DEC08 –> Second Load table CURSOR c1 IS SELECT * FROM xxdm_basic_sal xxt WHERE xxt.emp_no = NVL (p_emp_no, xxt.emp_no) AND […]

oracle OAF Jdev1

Installing and Setting UP JDeveloper for OAF Customization R12x

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Installing and Setting UP JDeveloper for OAF Customization R12x   1)  Refer to Metalink note 416708.1 to obtain the proper patch for your E-Business Suite instance. 2)  Download the proper JDeveloper patch. When you download the proper patch for your E-Business Suite instance, the patch will be named similar to the following: JDeveloper 10g with OA Extension […]

OA Framework – How to find the correct version of JDeveloper to use with eBusiness Suite 11i or Release 12.x

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Identify the OA Framework version in your instance by activating diagnostics and click the “About This Page” from any OAF page. Click the “Technology Components” tab. The OA Framework version in the top row of the table can then be matched to the JDeveloper Patch. Release 11i OA Framework 5.10 patch JDeveloper 9i Patch ATG.PF.H […]


Configuring / Creating Descriptive Flexfield

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Descriptive FlexField: In this post I am going to Answer following Questions. But the Major topic is regarding Configuring  a DFF in Oracle Apps / EBS . Q: How to Create / Configure  Descriptive Flexfield. Q: How to configure Descriptive flexfield for Purchase Order Header. Q: What is DFF where is it over the Form. […]


Using Data Loader

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INTRODUCTION to Data Loader. Q: How to transfer Data from Excel to Oracle EBS using Data Loader. Q:What is Data Loader.   IT IS MOST POPULAR TOOL USED FOR LOADING DATA FROM FRONT END ON FORMS OF VARIOUS ERPS & CRMS PRODUCT LIKE ORACLE APPLICATION, SAP AND JDEDWARDS. Implementing or supporting any application often requires significant effort to configure […]


Oracle Apps AME

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  What is AME?   AME is a web application providing the following services to calling applications: A ceteralized rules respository for defining and sharing rules. An execution engine to evaluate rules based on transaction specific data. List management capabilities. History of Approval statuses. AME does not manage the notification, routing or responses from approvers. […]

Email From Oracle PL/SQL (UTL_SMTP)

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The UTL_SMTP package was introduced in Oracle 8i and can be used to send emails from PL/SQL. Simple Emails In it’s simplest form a single string or variable can be sent as the message body using the following procedure. In this case we have not included any header information or subject line in the message, so it […]

oracle ebs r12 personalisation

Framework Personalization

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Oracle e-Business Suite R12 Framework Personalization To do OA Framework Personalization please enable the following Profiles     1. Personalize Self-Service Defn – Yes to allow ‘Personalize’ button to appear at the top of the page   2. FND: Personalization Region Link Enabled – Yes to display all the regional links above each region – Minimal […]


Work Structure KFF Definitions

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Oracle EBS R12 HR/Payroll Setup. Work Structure Grade Key Flexfield Definition   1.    Open the Key Flexfield Segments form, Sys Admin: Application > Flexfield > Key > Segments 2.    Search for Grade Flexfield. 3.    Insert a new record by selecting New from the toolbar. 4.    Enter the following information as shown bellow   5. […]

oracle apps ebs alert1

Alerts in Oracle Apps

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Oracle EBS / Oracle Apps Alerts and Work Flows What are Oracle Alerts? A: Oracle Alerts monitor your Database information and notify you when the condition that you have specified is found. You can define Alerts in any Oracle application or custom Oracle application. Some applications (Purchasing, for example) supply Alerts that Can simply be […]

Profile Options in Oracle Apps / EBS

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What is Profile Options in Oracle  Apps/EBS: In Oracle EBS System Administrators control various profile options in Oracle Application that determine how the application look, feel, and operate. You can set user profiles at different levels by using one of the three hierarchies. 1) Security 2) Organization 3) Server Security Levels Profile Most profile options use […]

oracle ApI Documentation

Oracle APIs and Interfaces

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Oracle EBS R12/R11   Oracle APIs and Interfaces Q:  What is API? and what is open interface?what is the difference between two?  The term Open Interfaces actually refers to table driven interfaces, where you put data in a table that sits between your external application and the Oracle module you are interfacing with. The term API refers […]

What are RICE Components

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 Oracle Apps / EBS  RICE Components  What are RICE Components The acronym, RICE, stands for Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, and Enhancements (or Extensions). During a Oracle Applications implementation, additional configuration, design, or programming requirements are necessary to satisfy functional requirements and achieve the desired functionality. The objective during any implementation would be to keep new object […]

oracle ebs r12 language setting 1

Enable Arabic for Reports

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 Q:   I have Toad for Oracle 9.5  installed on XP professional and have Oracle I have Arabian characters in my DB and I need to view the same in Toad data grid. but how can I enable the same? Please suggest me the navigation path also to achieve the same? Q:  Oracle Repot Builder / […]

Oracle HR and Payroll Related Queries

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Oracle EBS/Apps R12. ( Oracle HR / Payroll ) Important Queries Note: All following queries are customized and may not fit in your setup but can give you some idea to get appropriate results. Thanks Costing Detail Query: select paf.ASSIGNMENT_NUMBER, ppf.FULL_NAME ,pet.element_name,pca.CONCATENATED_SEGMENTS, decode(pc.DEBIT_OR_CREDIT,’D’,pc.COSTED_VALUE) Debit, decode(pc.DEBIT_OR_CREDIT,’C’,pc.COSTED_VALUE) Credit from per_people_f ppf, per_assignments_f paf, pay_assignment_actions pav, pay_payroll_actions ppa, […]

discrete n process manufacturing

Difference between Discrete & Process Manufacturing

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Difference between Discrete & Process manufacturing In this article i will try explain basic difference between  in two manufacturing operations Discrete Manufacturing and Process Manufacturing. In simple words Discrete Manufacturing produces distinct items which use Bill of Material, Routing to determine cost and lead time where as Process Manufacturing adds value by Mixing, Separating, Forming […]

Query to find out info from PR to PO

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Oracle EBS R12 Query to find out info from PR to PO select distinct u.description “Requestor”, porh.segment1 as “Req Number”, trunc(porh.Creation_Date) “Created On”, pord.LAST_UPDATED_BY, porh.Authorization_Status “Status”, porh.Description “Description”, poh.segment1 “PO Number”, trunc(poh.Creation_date) “PO Creation Date”, poh.AUTHORIZATION_STATUS “PO Status”, trunc(poh.Approved_Date) “Approved Date” from apps.po_headers_all poh, apps.po_distributions_all pod, apps.po_req_distributions_all pord, apps.po_requisition_lines_all porl, apps.po_requisition_headers_all porh, apps.fnd_user u where […]

Query to find out PR and PO linked

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Oracle EBS R12 Query to find out PR and PO linked (Find PO information Against PR) select req.segment1,req.DESCRIPTION req_,req.APPROVED_DATE,po.segment1,po.CREATION_DATE,po.APPROVED_FLAG from po_headers_all po, po_distributions_all dst, po_req_distributions_all rd, po_requisition_lines_all rl, po_requisition_headers_all req where po.po_header_id = dst.po_header_id and dst.req_distribution_id = rd.distribution_id and rd.requisition_line_id = rl.requisition_line_id and rl.requisition_header_id = req.requisition_header_id

Accounting Concepts

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Accounting Concepts Indeed, this is one of good area, where most of techies have lot of confusion and illusion about when accounting comes. Many of consultant came from Technical background and gradually moved into doing some techno -functional role or pure functional role, thus it is essestintial to understand the basic accounting and Guided principal […]


Encumbrance Accounting

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Encumbrance Accounting Before start of this topic you should be clear on these term; Encumbrance This is your any pre-expenditure, such as a purchase order, which will lead to a charge against an account. Commitment A journal entry you make to record an anticipated expenditure, as indicated by approval of a requisition. Obligation An encumbrance […]

Oracle EBS R12 Administrator and Concurrent Related

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Oracle EBS R12 Administrator and Concurrent Related Query to Find Responsibilities assigned to particular user. SELECT b.responsibility_name NAME FROM apps.fnd_user_resp_groups a, apps.fnd_responsibility_vl b, apps.fnd_user u WHERE a.user_id = u.user_id AND u.user_id = (select user_id from FND_USER where user_name=:User_name) AND a.responsibility_id = b.responsibility_id AND a.responsibility_application_id = b.application_id AND SYSDATE BETWEEN a.start_date AND NVL (a.end_date, SYSDATE + […]

SCM Queries

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Oracle  EBS R12 Purchasing, Inventory, Order Management Qureies To Find Duplicate Item Category Code SELECT category_set_name, category_concat_segments, COUNT (*) FROM mtl_category_set_valid_cats_v WHERE (category_set_id = 1) GROUP BY category_set_name, category_concat_segments HAVING COUNT (*) > 1 ORDER BY category_concat_segments Get Number Of canceled requisition SELECT a.AUTHORIZATION_STATUS,(a.ORG_ID),(SELECT distinct hr.per_all_people_f.first_name|| ‘ ‘|| hr.per_all_people_f.middle_names|| ‘ ‘|| hr.per_all_people_f.last_name “Employee Name” FROM […]


Populating Flexfiled Value Set

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Populating Flexfiled Value Set 1. Company Segment Values 1.  Open the segment Values window. General Ledger :  Setup > Financials > Flexfields > Key > Values 2.  Provide the following information on Find window. Field Value Application General Ledger Title Accounting Flexfield Structure FASS_AFF Segment Company 1.1.    Click on Find 1.2.    Enter the following information […]

Oracle EBS Documentation Library

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Oracle E-Business Suite Online Documentation Library Release 12.1.3 Link Download Oracle E-Business Suite Online Documentation Library Release 12.1.3 Download (560.23 MB) Oracle E-Business Suite Online Documentation Library Release 12.1.2+ Link Download Oracle E-Business Suite Online Documentation Library Release 12.1.2+ Download (539.17 MB) This is a “virtual” Applications documentation library. It is the 12.1.2 documentation library, […]


Fnd_sessions, Oracle HR Date Tracking

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oracle EBS HRMS R12 Fnd_Session, Oracle HR Date Tracking In this article I am going to explain Fnd_Session and cover the answers of following questions. 1)  How Date Track Works? 2) Per_people_v return null rows or select * from per_people_v return null rows? 3)  In Oracle Report Builder how to use FND_SESSIONS. How do i […]


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 MO_GLOBAL.SET_POLICY_CONTEXT   /   MO_GLOBAL.ORG_SECURITY In this article i will try to give the answer of follwoing questions.   1) What is the purpose  MO_GLOBAL.ORG_SECURITY in Oracle EBS R12 2) What is the purpose of   MO_GLOBAL.SET_POLICY_CONTEXT in Oracle EBS R12 3) Following queries return null / No Rows.            select * from po_headers_v           select * from […]

Oracle EBS Shut Down Script for Windows

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To Shut Down Application Server. I am assuming oracle install on c:\oracle navigate to Command prompt   Star>Run>Cmd C: cd\ cd oracle\PROD\inst\apps\PROD_r12\admin\scripts adstpall To Shut Down Database Services. c: cd\ cd C:\oracle\PROD\db\tech_st\11.1.0\appsutil\scripts\PROD_r12 addbctl stop immediate To Shut Down Listner c: cd\ cd C:\oracle\PROD\db\tech_st\11.1.0\appsutil\scripts\PROD_r12 addlnctl stop prod

oracle ebs payable 1

Business Group/Calendar/Inv Org Creation

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Oracle EBS Financial Account Payable Setup Business Group Assignment 1) Switch to System administrator responsibility. Sys Admin: Profile > System 2) Click Find Button 3)   Select Business Group for under responsibility. 4)   Save the data find another profile HR:Business Group and assign the Business Group. 5)   Select Business Group for under responsibility. […]

oracle ebs r12 currency setup

Define/Enable Currency

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Oracle EBS R12 Financial Setup Define/Enable Currency In this article I will explain you how to define or enable currency. Define Currency  1)   Open the Defining / Enabling currencies window  General Ledger :  Setup > Currencies > Define 2)    Use the (Icon) Find in the Tool bar or use the Menu Bar: View > Find to select […]

oracle ebs R12 calendar1

Accounting Calendar

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Oracle EBS R12 Financial setup. Defining Accounting Calendar In this article i will expaline you that how to defince Accounting Calendar. 1) Open the Period Types window.  General Ledger :  Setup > Financials > Calendars > Types 2)    Enter the following information Period Type Periods Per year Year Type Description FASS_CAL 13 Calendar 13 Periods […]

oracle r12 chart of account 5

1.1.3 Accounting Flexfield

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Oracle EBS R12 Finanical Setup Accounting Flexfield Defining the flexfield  1)   Open the Key Flexfield segments window.            General Ledger :  Setup > Financials > Flexfields > Key > Segments 2) Use the Find (Icon) in the Tool bar  or use the Menu Bar View > Find to select the      Accounting flexfield structure Field Name […]

oracle form personalization 1

Setting Item Mandatory

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Setting Item Mandatory In this article I will explain you how you can set any field mandatory through personalization In this example I will make mandatory List Price Field in Item Master à Purchasing Tab. 1)       Open the Item Master From  Inventory Super User à Item Master 2)      You should know the name and block […]


Forms Personalizations

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Forms Personalization Using the Form Personalization you have option to alter Oracle code at runtime bypassing important validation logic. Form Personalizations allows you to fundamentally alter the behavior of the seeded product forms that Oracle provides you to access data.. Form Personalizations looks very simple and easy things,but sometime this may jeopardize the integrity of […]

XML / BI Puublisher Issues

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Location of XML Publisher (rtf,XDO) files on server  This article is for those who are looking for answer of following Questions. What is the location of rft files on Oracle sever. How to know the change history of XML publisher (BI Publisher) files.  What is XDO_LOBS table and what type of information in  this table. Where oracle stores […]

oracle r12 login screen

Creating User and Assigning Responsibilities

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Oracle EBS R12.1 Oracle Financial User Creation and Assigning responsibilities In this Article i will explain the first step of Oracle Financial Setup. First of all you have to to create a user and assign the responsibilities. Follow Down Once the installation of R12 is complete, log into the system with user id and password as sysadmin/sysadmin and create the user who […]

Formula Details

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Oracle Apss R12 OPM (Oracle Process manufacturing)  Formula Base Tables and Detail of Products and Ingredients select a.FORMULA_ID,a.formula_no,a.FORMULA_DESC1,b.INVENTORY_ITEM_ID,c.description,b.organization_id,decode(b.line_type,-1,’Ingredient’,’Product’) Type from FM_FORM_MST a,FM_MATL_DTL b,mtl_system_items c where a.formula_id=b.FORMULA_ID and b.ORGANIZATION_ID=:your_Org_id and a.FORMULA_CLASS<>’COSTING’ and b.INVENTORY_ITEM_ID=c.inventory_item_id and b.ORGANIZATION_ID=c.organization_id order by a.FORMULA_ID

Quantity of Ingredients and Products

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Oracle Apps R12. OPM Query to Find out Quantity of Products and Ingredients of all Batches in particular Month.   Select b.RECIPE_DESCRIPTION,a.RECIPE_VALIDITY_RULE_ID,c.INVENTORY_ITEM_ID,d.description,decode(c.line_type,-1,’Ingredient’,’Product’) Type, sum(e.TRANSACTION_QUANTITY) quantity from apps.GME_BATCH_HEADER a,apps.gmd_recipes b,gmd_recipe_validity_rules grr,apps.gme_material_details c,apps.mtl_system_items d,apps.mtl_material_transactions e where a.FORMULA_ID=b.FORMULA_ID and a.ROUTING_ID=b.ROUTING_ID and a.RECIPE_VALIDITY_RULE_ID=grr.RECIPE_VALIDITY_RULE_ID and grr.RECIPE_ID=b.recipe_id and a.BATCH_ID=c.BATCH_ID and a.ORGANIZATION_ID=c.ORGANIZATION_ID and c.INVENTORY_ITEM_ID=d.INVENTORY_ITEM_ID and c.ORGANIZATION_ID=d.organization_id and a.batch_id=e.TRANSACTION_SOURCE_ID and a.ORGANIZATION_ID=e.ORGANIZATION_ID and c.INVENTORY_ITEM_ID=e.INVENTORY_ITEM_ID […]

Installing GNU Make for EBS

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Installing GNU Make for use with E-Business suite R11 R12. Download it from the GNU FTP site Download make-3.79.tar.gz or a later version Unpack the files using c:\folder_where_u_downloaded>gunzip make-3.79.tar.gz The files will be unpacked and extension gz will be removed. Now un tar the files c:\ folder_where_u_unpacked >tar –xvf make-3.79.tar This will create a new […]

oracle report customization1

Report Customization Oracle R12

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In this article I will explain that How to Develop/Customize a Report in Oracle EBS R12 using Oracle Report Builder One thing I want to clear here that I have read on different website that Oracle Developer/Report Builder will no more in future. But I think it’s not true. I been  using different Report Builder tools XML/BI Publisher, Oracle Report Builder, COGNOS, Crystal Reports since […]

oracle form

Form Customization R12

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Oracle R12 Form 10G Customization: This article describe you in brief the steps of Form Customization and Registration with Oracle Apps R12. 1. In order to develop a form for Apps R12 first you have to install the Oracle Forms Developer Version in your system. 2. Copy the Template.fmb file from serve to your Local […]

Convert Number into Words

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Oracle R11, R12 Important Queries

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Oracle R11, R12 Important Queries (Concurrent , Inventory, Purchaing , HR, Payrol , OPM) To Find Duplicate Item Category Code SELECT category_set_name, category_concat_segments, COUNT (*) FROM mtl_category_set_valid_cats_v WHERE (category_set_id = 1) GROUP BY category_set_name, category_concat_segments HAVING COUNT (*) > 1 ORDER BY category_concat_segments Get Number Of canceled requisition SELECT a.AUTHORIZATION_STATUS,(a.ORG_ID),(SELECT distinct hr.per_all_people_f.first_name|| ‘ ‘|| hr.per_all_people_f.middle_names|| […]

Oracle APPS Technical Terms

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  DFF: Descriptive Flex Field Descriptive Flex Fields are used to gather additional information about your business entities beyond the information required by oracle Applications. In other words “a mechanism that lets you creates new fields in screens that are delivered by Oracle but Hidden to store your business information”. KFF: Key Flex Field Key […]

HR / Payroll Important Tables

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PAY_ACCRUAL_BANDS Length of service bands used in calculating accrual of paid time off. PAY_ACCRUAL_PLANS PTO accrual plan definitions, (Paid time off). PAY_ACTION_CLASSIFICATIONS Payroll Action Type classifications. PAY_ACTION_CONTEXTS Assignment Action Contexts. PAY_ACTION_INFORMATION Archived data stored by legislation PAY_ACTION_INTERLOCKS Assignment action interlock definitions to control rollback processing. PAY_ACTION_PARAMETERS Global parameters to control process execution. PAY_ACTION_PARAMETER_GROUPS Groups of […]